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The 4 ways in which you will benefit from the J1 Visa Program

The Architect-US J1 and Job+J1 Visa programs are a great opportunity for international architects to pursue an internship or trainee position in some of the top architectural firms in the United States. If you have been dreaming about an opportunity to work in the U.S., this program is a great opportunity for you to do so in the least amount possible and with all the help you can get so that all of the aspects of a difficult visa process essentially become stress-free and easy to accomplish. The team at Architect-US will guide you along the way, and in this post has outlined just five of the many ways in which they know you will benefit from this exchange program:

1. Learn about U.S. history and culture

Possibly one of the most important aspects of this program -apart from the offered position- is that it will give you the opportunity to integrate yourself into the local culture of that city. You will be able to experience first hand what people in the city are like, the vast variety of cultures in metropolitan cities of the U.S., local and international foods, and learn from the different cultures activities that will teach you all about the history of the city and the U.S.

2. Wage

All positions offered to candidates participating in the Architect-US program are compensated according to the set minimum wages of each State and according to your academic background and years of experience. It will also give you an opportunity to earn money that you will be able to save for your future endeavors and travels.

3. Friendships and Networking

Big cities in the U.S. are heavily populated and have a wide variety of different cultures and people that you can learn from. During this experience you will be able to meet locals and people from different parts of the world giving you the opportunity to form strong bonds and hopefully future career opportunities. You will be able to attend different networking events offered by your Host Company and ones organized by the city that will grow your personal and professional connections.

4. Professional and Personal Development

This opportunity will boost your career in many ways as it will give you a platform to enhance your Portfolio and CV. You will also be able to learn from some of the world’s most prestigious organizations and top leading companies and apply that knowledge into your future in the profession. As you will go to the U.S on your own, you will also have to find ways to tackle daily aspects of your life independently, helping you build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Architect-US offers you access to one of the most competitive markets out there and will provide you with an experience and values that will impulse your international career. This will become a truly memorable, and life changing experience, so what are you waiting for?


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