Farewell Portugal

Most of us believe that dreams don’t exactly come true. Especially when we start adulting…
It is easy to let go and see them exactly as they are: just dreams.

During lockdown, I was faced with employment and a big crisis in the construction sector in Portugal. Which made me wake up an old dream of mine: to live in the US. I am going to be very honest, after passing my 30s I was feeling too old to go on an adventure like that. But why not try?

After a quick search, I found a post on Archdaily talking about Architect-US and how they help, not only with the visa but also with finding a suitable studio to work in. It made me excited and relieved knowing I had this help.
Understanding it was possible, I took a year and a half doing architecture competitions, learning Revit and BIM methodologies, and working on my portfolio before applying.

I am very focused on what I wanted! So, it took me a while to find a place to work. Not because of Architect-US, I am just a very stubborn person. I wanted to go to LA and work as an interior designer or do housing projects. Which I knew would be difficult but not impossible, especially when I was not in a rush!

I didn’t do many interviews, but I was always successful! It never took me much time to prepare, I mainly studied their projects and wrote down some questions that pop-up in my head, and that’s all. Started every interview just by being myself, I wasn’t even taking them too seriously, for me was like an interesting conversation. (maybe not the best advice, but it worked out for me)

Now, I actually made my dream into reality! Can’t find words to express all the support I got from Architect-US and how understanding they were of what I wanted for my future.

Soon I am leaving for this new adventure. I am afraid, and that’s ok, but I am also super excited!

Maria Lima


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