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10 Awesome online courses for Architects and Students

Online courses for architects and designers have been getting more and more popular in the past couple of years. This is mainly because it gives you the flexibility and the opportunity to learn whenever you want, and wherever you want. They give you access to helpful and relevant content that you need to brush up on certain skills, learn new things, and provide you with necessary skill-sets that will help you grow as an architect. We have found through our Career Training Program that young architects benefit from courses like these because they are reminded of materials which they may have covered a long time ago, and also helps participants strengthen some of their past projects. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 online courses for architects which cover a wide variety of subjects. Hope you find this list helpful!

1. Architectural Construction Systems Created by: Michael Neatu

In this online course you will learn how to draw and design a barrel vaults masonry structure, find solutions for a simple and effective wooden structure, how to make a masonry pavilion and use barrel vaulting as a means of covering up central space of the pavilion, and the properties and construction of a metal roofing system for a warehouse.

2. Introduction to Kinetic Facades Created by: EDS Global

This course of responsive facades and design process will help you identify different types of kinetic facades, understand integration in design, recognize climate and responsive elements, and also overviews of different examples.

3. Home Automation For Beginners: Create Your Own Smart Home Created by: Gerard ODriscoll

Here you will learn how to confidently install different internet of Things devices that will communicate with each other. It will be an extensive overview of how to install your own smart home system with 45 lectures and 3.5 hours of video content.

4. Fundamentals of Structural Analysis Created by: Dr. Seán Carroll

Understand key concepts like the moment of a force, static equilibrium and determinacy. You will also cover the use of Joint Resolution Method and a Methods of sections to analyze pin jointed structures. Support reactions and loading conditions of different types of constructions, and understand the key differences between simplified analysis models and real-life behavior.

5. Design of bridges: Concept, Modeling, Analysis, and Design Created by: Ayman Kandeel

In this course of the design of bridges, you will cover the fundamentals of bridge design, understand loads and transferring of bridge elements, and working examples on the softwares for bridge design.

6. The Art of Structures 1: Cables and Arches Created by: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Here you will discover the functioning of supporting structures, such as buildings, roofs or bridges. This course presents the principles of sizing and structures in cables and arcs, lattice, beam and frame structures. After completion, you will be able to identify the structures in cable, arc and arc and cable. You will also be able to determine the forces in the main structural elements and proceed to the choice of their dimensions according to the chosen building material.

7. How a Building is Designed and Built (6 Part Series) Created by: Matthew Morris

You will learn from different components, materials and systems in commercial building structures. You will learn the roles of the parties involved in the construction process, and the sequence and construction and relationships between the different activities.

8. Designing Sustainable, Prefabricated Wood Buildings Created by: Think Wood

This course will demonstrate the advantages of prefabrication, specifically how it relates to both light wood frame and mass timber construction and demonstrate why prefabrication is an efficient and sustainable building practice.

9. The Art of Structural Engineering: Vaults Created by: Princeton University

Explore different iconic and contemporary vaults built after the Industrial Revolution. See how vaults from different materials such as reinforced concrete, steel and glass, and other materials were created.

10. Learn To Read Structural Drawings: From Zero To Hero Created by: Gokul Saud

From this course, you will learn how to read structural drawings easier, how to execute construction projects, estimate the building time, and check for reinforcement at the site.



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