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When do you have to pay the Program fees?

In order to sign up to our Job+J1 program you must first pay a small application fee. This is because there have been a large number of applications coming in and our Selection Committee has to take their time to review and determine your eligibility, as well as give you feedback on ways to improve your work to have the possibility to submit your work again so that you can join the program. That initial fee (application fee) will be of $25. If your candidacy has been evaluated and accepted by the Selection Committee you will have to pay an initial payment of $350 that is to be deducted from the total Program cost. At this point the Architect-US team will begin including you in the Selection process and they will start sending offers that fit what you and the host company are looking for. Once a company has extended an offer to you and you have accepted the offer, you must then pay 50% of the Job+J1 Visa Program cost. This is so the Architect-US team can secure your intern or trainee position with the company. The full Program cost must be paid in full (remaining 50% minus initiation fee) once we start moving forward with the visa application.

To get more detailed information on the Program fees depending on your program length, and what those fees include make sure to look at the fee’s addendum for both the Job+J1 and J1 Visa programs:

You must know that our team here is devoted in finding you the best option possible and we only accept paid internships and waged training positions. Meaning that we will help you find the best conditions and make sure that your compensation is commensurate with your experience. We offer the most competitive price on the market while providing participants with a first-class fast-track service. You have to remember that the stipend you will be receiving from your Host Company during your J1 program with us will cover the costs in up to three months. It is an investment that will open more doors to future opportunities in the field and will give you an opportunity to get the best training and career advancements possibilities beneficial to your future.


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