A dream comes true!

If I had been told a few months ago that I was going to be writing a blog about my new adventure working in New York, I would never have believed it. And yet, here I am, barely knowing what to say and still finding it hard to imagine it’s true. During my studies I couldn’t go on Erasmus, and since then I have always wanted to have an experience abroad, a dream that I will finally be able to fulfill. And all this would not have been possible without the help of the Architect-US team.

It all started one afternoon with an email from my university, informing us of a job offer in an architectural firm in New York that came to them through Architect-US. “I wish…” I thought, I saw it as something impossible at the time. But… “why not?”, and I decided to jump into the pool.

I immediately contacted Patricia, who told me the whole process and how things were going to develop. With hardly any reaction time, I was already in the pool. Every week I received offers and was informed of their status as time went by. “Maybe it’s possible…”, it didn’t seem like such an unrealistic idea anymore.

One night with a friend I suddenly got an email, Jordan Parnass was interested in my profile, and finally I had my first formal offer in front of me … “it’s real, I have a chance”.  Before giving me the final yes, we had a Skype interview. I was really nervous, but I’ll never forget what my mom said when we finished: “I didn’t understand anything, but I know it went great”. And indeed it did, a few days later I got confirmation, I had been chosen, and how right mothers are!

The paperwork was starting, the process to obtain the visa, but as tedious and long as I could imagine, it was just the opposite. Sonia was available at all times, answering all my questions and making everything as easy as possible. I just had to wait for the day to come.

“That’s it, it’s real, I’m going to work in New York.”

Carlos Gómez

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