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Revit is an essential tool to find a job in the USA

Revit is an essential tool to find a job in the USA: Why being proficient

As an architect, I’m sure that you know Autodesk’s Revit, but unfortunately, not everyone has had much professional experience using this BIM software. Revit is an essential tool to find a job in the USA. There are many other BIM software solutions but one that is commonly used by architects outside the United States is ArchiCAD. Both Revit and ArchiCAD are very powerful, but ArchiCAD is slightly more affordable – even though the plug-ins can be quite expensive. So that you get a better understanding of the software, you must know the basics. One key aspect why architects resort to this specific software is because it gives them building information modeling (BIM), which is an intelligent 3d model-based process that gives professionals in architecture, engineering and construction information, and understanding which aids in efficiency planning, construction, sustainability, and the infrastructure of the design.

One aspect of why Revit is an essential tool to find a job in the USA is that there is more fluidity in communication. Everyone can access shared models and there is less duplication of blueprints and files therefor reducing labor within the office and allowing more time to be spent on other necessary aspects of a project. It is a more dynamic workflow and allows architects to improve their collaboration within a team. It is a valuable tool for any studio and one that is being implemented, if not already, in almost all architectural firms. So, it is very important that you learn how to use Revit, and take every opportunity that you can get to become a master in the software, as it will increase your chances of landing your dream job in the U.S.


Here is a link to free video training in Revit from Autodesk Design Academy

Here is a link for purchasing Revit


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