Three months gone by!

My third month went away in a blink of eyes, there is something really especial about summer in NYC and its surroundings, there is always something going on!!!. Free concerts, open movies, fairs and more, you name it and you can find it, you just have to manage your free time so you can take advantage of it.

I went to visit a popular location in Long Island, this time I was able to go visit a good friend at East Hampton, a small nice spot famous for its beaches and the big houses in front of them. It wont be hard to run into a celebity while there, since a lot of properties are owned by famous people, like Bill Clinton or Neil Degrasse Tyson. I also got to see fireworws at night on the beach, wich is also always great to see.



While at work I already feel part of the MVMK family, we are very busy at the moment so there is always something to do! That means I am learning a lot, even more that I though.

Summer is not gonna be here for ever so I am trying to enjoy it the most.

Cristian Cordova

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