Colorfull Night

I had to admit that this month flew by. It felt like I just blinked and the Christmas season is already here.  This month’s activity was at night. Since a few years ago, the Fairchild Tropical Botanical garden organizes a Night garden Event where they do a light show. Therefore, they picked a topic and do a path with interactive stations where they join nature with lights and some knowledge.


I went there with a friend, and walk through the garden.  The first station was about lights with bubbles filled with some type of smoke. The next one was a place where we were able to sit down and contemplate nature and relax with some Tibetan bowl sounds.  We kept walking and we enter some type of forest with different lights that generated relaxing atmospheres, I felt that I was in a movie. The ones that I liked the less were the ones that seemed like Christmas lights, but I guess that maybe the idea was to enjoy another type of vegetation, (this was a palm zone)

My favorite one was a greenhouse that was covered with fog, so the lights made a show making me feel in another dimension. In here they especially highlighted the orchids, so the view was insane, and if I mixed that we the sound of a waterfall it really was my favorite spot (I was so into the experienced that I completely forgot to take some pictures, and maybe if I had taken some it wouldn’t make justice to what it really looked like). It was a great night, but I want to go back to visit the place during the day. I got the impression that it has way more things to do, and see. The garden also has some yoga meditation morning classes and some other courses that maybe I would like to explore.


Laura Velasco


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