The best experience is just to start!

Although it was all very fast and expeditious because Patricia García and her team were incredible, it was inevitable not to feel nervous about something new that would soon be a reality.

From the moment you receive the email from Architect US notifying you that you will receive your package with all the information to present yourself at the embassy of your country, adrenaline and excitement overwhelm you.

In my case, the appointment for J-1 was granted very quickly and within a few days, I had my passport sealed and ready to undertake this great challenge in my career and personal life.

With enthusiasm, I bought my air ticket to start my training. Luckily I had already resolved days ago my lodging. All my previous planning helped me to have more confidence then when I arrived in the USA I would not found surprises. I think that planning and read all the information this program gives us allows many things that could be a question to be easily clarified and life in this country is much more bearable.

The restlessness is only an indicator that things are happening and it’s only the beginning of this great adventure. My goal from the beginning has been to enjoy each step and learn from each challenge. From reserving the ticket to understanding each procedure. I think it’s important because it trains you as an individual and learning will always be positive in all instances.

My biggest advice can be to keep calm, be as equanimous as possible and believe it they are already close to the USA! and from that dream what happened from dream to goal and from goal to reality, you are there !!! At that expected point, live it, and enjoy it!


Diego Gutierrez

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