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Guadalupe Multifunctional Building

Victor Gerardo Gonzalez joins us for the Portfolio Challenge and submits this wonderful work called Guadalupe Multifunctional Building, which aims to create more outdoor spaces for community connection.

Víctor Gerardo González has been an incredible part of the Architect-USJob+J1 Visa Program and is joining us for his first time for the Portfolio Challenge. Currently, Victor is the Founder of VGM Arquitectos and is a professor at Universidad Panamericana. For the Multifunctional Building he used AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP, 3DS MAX, ILLUSTRATOR.

According to the problem statement, the aim is to promote the housing and services sector through a neighborhood district. The project should focus on the reactivation of the Guadalupe neighborhood located in the city of Aguascalientes with interventions that generate added value to the area. The system must contribute to urban development, promoting interaction of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, promoting life outside the house as well as inside.

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LIVE THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Generating a mixed district with urban equipment focused mainly on the commercial and services sector. Feeding the future housing systems proposed in the master plan. The passage will have its own character that will seek to communicate and integrate the project with the context and the various cultural and recreational activities in the area. At the same time, it is expected to function as a support and service for the inhabitants of the complex, whether for housing or offices, also considering the other residents of the area.

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Images by Víctor Gerardo González

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