The ideal of Manhattan is that you meet super super fast people. A friend of a friend who has a group of friends in the city is enough to create a plan on a rooftop on a stream Saturday night in which half the city is on the streets.
In my case it was like that. When I arrived in Manhattan, a friend of mine told me to go to a concert with a friend of his. I did that, we went to that concert together and met a group of friends who are dedicated to living the best of the plans that the city itself can offer you.With the passage of time my friend has been getting together with other people but I have not stopped joining that nice group.
One Saturday night we met on the rooftop of Park Ave of one of the group’s. The plan was as follows, one of them had hunted a venison and had part of the loin in a bag ready for the grill. We gathered people from all over the world, from all the cities of the United States, there was a girl from Argentina, and two from Saudi Arabia, and that mixture was magnificent.
The friend on duty dedicated himself to preparing the entire grill while the rest prepared drinks like gin and tonic and other specialties he had only heard here. The rum punch, I don’t know what it takes but looks a bit like Valencia water.
The fabulous idea of ​​making this plan was one of the group that has a house in the Andes and one of his hobbies is to go hunting. The situation was as follows, a mezcal of international people and a venison that roasted in a mini grill, drinks and the empire state in the background on that illuminated rooftop of park street avenue park. We put all the meat on a plate and with that and the portable grill we cooked the meat one by one. Trying freshly hunted venison meat on the rooftop of Manhattan with hand-made drinks was one of the most spectacular and simple things I’ve lived in this city.

Marta Barcia

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