NYC and the magic Winter

There are cities where the Winter feels different, feels magic … one of those cities is NYC!

You know that winter is arriving in NYC when the Macy´s colorful giant ballons invade the city.

It´s a beautiful show for all ages and it kinds of magically prepares your spirit for the Thanksgiving dinner.

From that moment on, you know, Christmas is arriving in town!

Maby the most significant symbol of NYC´s Christmas is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. All those lights illuminate the eyes of everyone that goes see that beauty queen!

Once the Rockefeller Christmas tree is installed, the city is inundated with Christmas decorations and activities!

The enchanting music and light show at Saks on Fifth Avenue brings you beautiful memories from your childhood and invades with a beautiful magic Christmas feeling!

From the ice rings spread through all the city to the charming Christmas markets, everywhere you can breathe the Christmas spirit!

Never the cold felt so cozy!

Margarida Cleto


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