Re-AD: re-ading and re-drawing scales

After two months working at Re-AD Architecture & Design, I would like to introduce you to our firm and our mission statements. As a young structure, we have been building a strong identity, based on core values and an original understanding of architecture and design. Re-AD re-interpret Architecture & Design, based on a practice that re-draws the boundary between the private sphere and the public realm through design.

Our first mission statement is to assist our clients to come up with a large perspective of the space, a holistic vision of their project. We are not only drawing buildings, we involved ourselves in the whole process. From the spark of an idea to reality!

Also, we know how to modulate and integrate different services to see these projects come true. Architecture is complex, at the junction of many knowledge and work-fields. We are not only technicians, but skilful professionals, understanding and handling the different aspects of the project. Our very last project is Barachou, the first cream-puff bar in NYC, opening tomorrow, august 28th. We have carried that project from the very first steps: budget & business plan, design, project management, custom built-in construction of the pastry counter with innovative materials (bio-sourced epoxy resin).

This example brings me to describe our unique way to redefine project scales. From design to built-in construction, we work on the same project, but with different perspectives. Not only did we design a project, we are able to create and bring to reality a part of it. We design and built ourselves a custom counter for our client. For Barachou– Bar A Chou, meaning  Cream Puff Bar in french, we built the Bar, the only furniture of their space, central display of their pastry creations.

As a cell, carrying the same DNA of the whole living body it belongs, we imprint our identity on the space. And reading a project through different scales, we redefine its relationships!

Stan De Saint Quentin

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