Hiking time: Mount Tamalpais

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One of the things I like about San Francisco, is that it’s really close to many different cities and national parks. Within a car drive of 2-3 hours you can visit beautiful natural parks like Mount Tamalpais, Big Sur, Point Reyes and nice cities like Bolinas, Santa Cruz, Monterey…

This month we had a long weekend because of the Labor Day holiday and since the weather has being really nice, I decided to go for a hike and explore a new area. On Monday morning (the holiday) we took the car and drove to Mount Tamalpais State Park.

-Side story- a few months ago someone stole my wallet 🙁 the most valuable thing in there was my European driver license, because that was the only thing I couldn’t get replaced here. No worries, I thought, okay, it could be really cool to have a Californian driving license. So, it was the perfect moment to go to the famous DMV and take the test. I had heard that the test here is nothing compare to Europe, and they were totally right, it was super easy.

When we arrived at Stinson Beach it was really difficult to park, but we finally made it. It’s a really nice small beach town. The color of the water is really beautiful and it’s a cool place to surf too. The hike starts in the town and it goes all the way to Mount Tamalpais.

There are three different hikes starting from the town: Sierra Trail, Muir Woods and Mount Tamalpais. We took the last one since people said it’s one of the most beautiful ones, and it really was. We went through a lot of different natural environments, since the beach, to the dry trail ending in the super green and awesome forest. The four hours of hiking were really worth it!

I totally recommend this hike, I had a really good time, but if you want my advice, just make sure you arrive there early in the morning, because parking can be a nightmare after 10 am.

Alejandro Alonso

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