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Here we go.

Hey guys, my name is Jasmin and I‘m 25 years old. I‘m from a small town Suhl in the middle of Germany. The last 6 years I studied architecture at the University of technology in Dresden , which is in Saxony. In my study I was always motivated to get the best result and investigate a lot of passion and time. I also play Volleyball and go for a run weekly. I always looking for people who want to go around and being together instead of being a couch potato 😀 After my study I took my time to breath and was looking for a job abroard. So here we go….

Why Los Angeles. I planned to go abroard but I had no stright plan concerning the city or the country. I just made an intitative application to the office Relativity Architects. They replied prompt and we matched quiet good. After one week I decicded to start this adventure even if I weren‘t really good prepared for Los Angeles. I got the tip from the principals that they also get a new employee from Spain and she is coming with the help of the Architect- US. So they said thats could be the easiest way to start soon in the US.

After I submitted all the documents, the visa process started quickly. I got the Visa in less then 30 days. Sonia and all the others who were responsible were super kind and helpfull. I‘m glad that I started with that program. The embassy appointment was quiet easy. But i didn‘t get the information before that you are not allowed to bring you stuff with you. So no backpack, no phone, no watch. Rookie mistake … I know. But I solved it by bringing my stuff to the the next bakery.

The appointment was fast and no big deal. So don‘t be scared. They are all super friendly. What I expect from this time in the USA? Actually I have no big expectation, I see it more as an susprise and will take the things like they are coming. I want to get a lot of experience and get to know the culture. I want to meet friendly people and get a lot of experiences by working. But actually guys I need to catch my flight now. So hear you then in L.A. Nice greetings, Jasmin

Jasmin Müller


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