How to find an apartment in New York

When you come to New York, the first thing you need is an apartment or a room. To find a suitable option, you can use the most popular apartment rental sites such as:

  1. Zillow
  1. Gypsy housing Public Group (Facebook)
  1. Trulia
  1. StreetEasy
  1. Naked Apartments

Another option for finding an apartment is to contact a real estate agency. Even if you find an apartment on your own, in most cases you will have to pay an agency fee. Most of the buildings and apartments hire a real estate agent who receives a reward in the amount of one month’s rent after finding a client.

Before moving to an apartment, you usually have to pay the first month, deposit, last month, and agent fee. Renting a room in Manhattan will cost you $ 1,000-1,500 per month. Apartment rental will start from $ 2500.

It is always harder to find an apartment than a room. You need to provide more documents. Credit history and income documents are essential. Also, you need to provide tax return, letter of employment, and a bank statement.

When you rent an apartment, you enter into a contract with the landlord. This is usually 1-year rental. The minimum rental period is six months. If you want to rent an apartment for a short period, the rent will increase. If you wish to extend the rent for another year, the landlord cannot say no. It is complicated to evict a person who rents an apartment. That is why the rental process is so difficult. You can remember any American film when the main character had problems with money, and he did not pay the rent in time. I always wondered why they just didn’t kick him out. Now I know that it is not so easy.

Apartments are usually rented without furniture. All you get with the apartment is a built-in wardrobe and kitchen with a fridge. There are often no chandeliers in apartments. Space is lit with floor lamps.

If you think that renting an apartment is too complicated and expensive for you, then you can find a room. It is always easier and cheaper. The ideal place to look for a room is social networks.

Maria Malygina


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