A new lifestyle, a new passion!

Some people said that if you want an activity to be part of your life, first you must do it at least for 21 consecutive days, but it’s not as easy as it seems! I have to admit that I was never good at sports and I always found the perfect excuse to avoid exercising but living in Philadelphia changed my point of view about healthy life.

The urban planning of this city was designed thinking on pedestrians, there is a bunch of healthy activities to do here and you don’t feel that you have to do it like an obligation, on the contrary, all these activities become part of your routine without realizing.

First, you can go wherever you want by bicycle, there are many official bike lane in the city so the safety never will be an excuse! Most people here go to work by bike and lot of them run around the city, even in the financial center and there is not a specific schedule you can see people running all day.

Also, there are parks focus on sport, I mean, I have been to many parks and most of them has a place for sport, like basketball, tennis or baseball. It is amazing to see how the public space works here.

I always thought there was something special in Philadelphia and now I am totally sure that is the infinite number of activities you can do here. After living for almost six months here, I must say that I love riding a bike and I am still thinking that my favorite place to do this, is wissahickon, it just perfect!


Gianina Aldazábal

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