Color explosion! Wasn’t it the spring?!

The summer in Seattle has been warm enough to feel like it was summer. We could use light clothes even during the night, an we had to sleep with the windows open.

The autumn started soon. I come from Sevilla where the summer is terribly hot. Autumn usually begins as we call it “quince summer”, it’s kinda spring with some differences: the days are shorter and the light is a bit sad and melancholic, but only a little. Suddenly, a few days in late November, the leaves of the trees turn brown, and tow weeks later, they fall on the ground. Winter starts.

I have never enjoyed so much the autumn like here before. It’s an spectacle. You have to imagine the postcard. Seattle is a city with many trees all over the places: residential areas, parks, around the city…trees!

“Trees are changing the colors of the leaves during several weeks before they fall on the ground. The colors are intensive colors! Yellow, lemon yellow, lime green, electric pink, orange, electric orange, red…! You’d paint with those colors. Then the sidewalk disappears and you walk on colorful carpets.”

You’ll enjoy too a lot in all the nice parks of the city: Arboretum Park, Denny Park, Volunteer Park, Discovery Park, Lincoln Park, Golden Garden or Green Lake. There are as much as you want!



Helena Sanjuan


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