Storm King

If you like nature and you like art, then, you will love Storm King Art Center.

Both if you are just visiting New York or if you are living in this great city, this park surrounded by nature is a must. Specially during fall season, the landscape transforms into an amazing, picturesque artwork.

Taking a bus from Port Authority Terminal Bus Station, on the 42nd to upstate, heading north for around an hour and fifty minutes, you will get to Storm King. Being honest, travelling on highways is most of the times not a remarkable experience, but in this case, fall season, again, makes it a complete aesthetical experience. Colors everywhere. Even more colors than what you could have ever imagined. The whole palette is there, waiting – to be painted if you were born 150 years ago- or Instagramed by anyone that knows what Meta Platforms means. Not even Marck Zuckerberg´s haters can resist to share this beautiful scenario with their followers. Believe me, me myself thought that I could rocket the stories with these pictures. And I got it, I got the whopping of four likes. Well, it might not sound like it is too much, but I don´t understand how the algorithm works anymore. If someone knows how it does, you can contact me to @peioerroteta.  My followers will appreciate it.

But let´s go on with this beautiful park I was talking about. Located in New York’s Hudson Valley, Storm King has been dedicated to stewarding the hills, meadows, and forests of its site and surrounding landscape since 1960. Storm King’s founders, H. Peter Stern and Ralph E. Ogden, commissioned the late landscape architect William A. Rutherford to develop Storm King’s 500 acres – 200 hundred hectares for Christians or the equivalent of 200 hundred football fields if you are like me and cannot imagine how much is a hectare-.

The park has open air sculptures all over the place. You will find Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi… to name some of them. You can interact with the sculptures, walk around and over some of them…

So, as you can see, if you are not able to go during fall season, the experience can also be very exciting and interesting. Having lunch surrounded by nature, between two Richard Serra sculpture is a once in a lifetime experience.

I will always remember this place, and of course, I have already scheduled a trip to Storm King for next year´s autumn. Don’t´ miss it!!

Peio Erroteta


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