Encanto, Story of a Country

Since I heard that Disney was doing a movie based in Colombia I was exciting to watch it. Therefore, I decided that the cultural activity for the month was going to be the cinema. I invited my boyfriend and he also invited some of his friends. I was excited that they would be abble to see the colombian culture. The big day was the weekend of Christmas (I know we probably were the only ones without a plan for that weekend) we went to Downtown Miami, entered the cinema, bought the tickets and we were ready.

To be honest it hasn’t been the best cultural activity form the ones that I have done. There is not big difference that going to a cinema back in my country. Althought, I have to admit that the chairs are more comfortable than the general cinemas in Colombia (we have those types of chairs, but the ticket is more expensive), but I really wanted to watch my country through Disney’s eyes.

In relation with the movie, for those 90 minutes I felt at home. It was incredible to see how much effort Disney put into all the details and into really do the research about my country.

The Real Meaning:

I saw symbols, expressions, cultural mindsets, all around the movie. But most important, I saw what my country has being dealing the past four decades. What the ilegal army has caused, the violence that had repercute in a big part of the populationthe leaving their homes just with what they had on. Searching somewhere better to start a new life where they thought it could be a better place. However, what really conforts me is the hope that brings with it. Just to be clear, what Disney was showing is that the decision to start building a better country is: completely based on the forgiviness beetween all colombians not matter which side, and second that the whole population is in charge of rebuilding it, not only the polititians, army, goverment… etc.

Therefore, I guess that you can bet all the feelings that I had. For me it was amazing and the idea that my friends and all the world that watches the movie was going be abble to see this fullfills me. But when I started talking with my boyfriend and his friends I realized that the message wasn’t that clear, that what I was abble to see was because I have being living with my whole life, but they weren’t. For them was bassically another animated movie. When I was aware of that I started to explain what I saw, I’m not sure if they understood the deep meaning but at least I tried.

I really hope that you can watch it, and not with obvious eyes, but with deep eyes that are abble to see the troublesome of a country.

Laura Velasco


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