Airboat ride? Let’s go!

Why not starting your Sunday morning with an airboat ride?

 If you love water, fun and wildlife, you cannot miss this exciting experience!

 I went to The Blue Cypress Lake (Vero Beach), the largest lake in the Treasure Coast and Indian River County, to enjoy an airboat ride. Here you can feel the thrill of flying over the water discovering  the Florida wetlands. 

Watchword? Sit down, relax and let the sights and sounds of nature surround you!

During the ride you see exotic and rare birds, plants, turtles and get very close to the alligators (you cannot imagine how amazing the baby alligators are!). A captain on board will give you all information you need about the vegetation and the animal life. 

Florida wildlife is stunning and you shouldn’t miss it!


Chiara De Luca


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