How to manage your own project in New York

I’ve been working at Bermello Ajamil and Partners for 6 months so far. Some time ago I was entrusted to lead the interior design for the office. I learned a lot from this project. Today, I’ll tell you about the interior design stages in the United States.


  1. Measurements & Calculations for Interior Designing

Taking measurements is the key element of the job, as are making decisions and calculations based on the results. I measured the premises several times in my life, but I always used the metric system. It was difficult for me to quickly calculate inches in my mind. I also made a lot of mistakes while writing down the sizes. Sometimes I had to remeasure some dimensions. The dimensions in drawing must be absolutely accurate. The smallest inaccuracy may lead to problem.


  1. The construction of partitions

First, the workers lay out the base for partitions on the floor. The architect must verify and approve this arrangement before the builders begin to erect the walls. The walls consist of a metal frame,  sheetrock, gypsum sheeting and wall finish. Self-supporting walls may not reach the ceiling, if this is due to the architectural idea.


  1. Electricity, air conditioning, Internet, server, plumbing

After the skeleton of the walls was erected, workers can run the cables inside the wall body. There are a lot of different wires: power, data, and connection to the server. Plumbing can also run through walls or inside the floor. Then, the frame of the walls is closed. As a result, there are neat outlets in the walls and no wires lying on the floor. At the same stage, A/C units are installed in each room.


  1. Finishing walls, ceiling and floor

At this stage, I learned a lot different companies, types of interior wall finishes, flooring and interior details. When I  lived in Russia, I knew where to buy building materials and how much they would cost. When I arrived in the USA, I plunged into a completely new world and I had to start all over again.


  1. Order furniture

A separate topic is the selection of furniture. Again, there is the problem of an unfamiliar market, prices and manufacturers. It was necessary to engage in market research, communicate with representatives of companies, visit show rooms, and learn how to create quotes for custom products. I think this is the most pleasant part of design, because it looks like mall shopping. Only instead of a new dress, you buy a beautiful concrete countertop. But happiness from this is no less!


I got tons of experience from this project. The coolest thing in architecture for me is when you see the results of your work in reality.

Maria Malygina


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