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Thanksgiving November


This month I celebrated American thanksgiving which is a significant start to the holiday festival in America.

In my office, we have people of multiple cultures and that made my thanksgiving even more special. We started planning for the day a week ago and decided to contribute in our own way to the day. We made menus that were pot- luck to all the cultures in our office.

We had Vietnam’s style turkey with an American twist followed my Indian style curry to add with the stuffing in Chinese style and other side dishes with Ecuador and Mexican style.

We celebrated the festival with all the colours of the culture we could all present. 

The next day I was invited to my colleague’s authentic American style family thanksgiving.

We drove for an hour to reach her home where we were welcomed by her huge loving family as all had gathered to have thanksgiving dinner together.

As the dinner was being prepped, my colleague’s aunt sat on the piano and started playing old American songs for togetherness, the entire family sang along with her and remember the old days and thanked god by remembering the old of the family and making new memories. As we finished the dinner everyone was together to play games and in that moment I felt close to family. As the day ended we headed back home and went to plaza for thief annual lightning show that takes place on thanksgiving. Families had gathered together at plaza to see the lighting. As the day ended,the plaza was full of lights which marked the beginning of festive season in America. As I’m counting my days back to home I will have all these memories intact with me forever

Tamanna Sethi


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