my J1 Visa adventure
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…and my J1 Visa adventure begins!

My first month of work experience in New York was challenging and but exciting at the same time! This is how my J1 Visa adventure begins.

Thanks to Architect-US I have the opportunity to work for a large company based in Brooklyn that works in the field of interior design and fittings with international haute couture brands. Architect-US has assisted me in my J1 Visa adventure even before arriving in New York, providing me with all the detailed information, documents and information to proceed with the application for my J1 visa. Their help was essential for the acquisition of all the documents necessary for my American dream.

Even their help is constant even during my stay here in New York, monitoring my work and personal situation so that my experience is the best possible.

From the business point of view, the company for which it was immediately friendly with me and my colleagues immediately felt part of the team. The working environment is stimulating, as new projects come to life and new ideas to be developed. Of course, I hope to best meet their expectations trying to always give 100% and maybe something more.

The only small inconvenience in my J1 Visa adventure was found a house, or rather a room, suitable for my 18-month stay. Since New York is a very popular destination, so if you are planning to come to NYC, keep in mind that it is necessary to spend a lot to live decently, otherwise, you risk ending up with cockroaches :).

Being a very full working period for my company, unfortunately, I didn’t have many opportunities to carry out activities and hobbies in New York, as my weeks have been dedicated exclusively to work. I hope very soon to update you with the testimonies of all that can be done in this great city, now that the holiday season is coming!

Francesco Duri


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