Job Hunting in COVID times – A Story of Resilience

Join us for an incredible opportunity to meet a young professional who managed to made a name for himself first in Los Angeles and then in San Francisco during the COVID outbreak. 🤔 How did he do it!?!??

Guillermo Del Rio will be our guest for the Architect-US Interview Series this week with our CEO Patricia GarciaHe has been all over the world and been a part of countless projects! Now he wants to share do’s and dont’s learnt through the way, hardships faced during job search, and accomplishments with us!! We’re sure you’ll relate to him in one way or another.

Learn about how he was able to adapt to the changing labor market during COVID, how he overcame the struggles of being an international architect working abroad, and his recommendations for young professionals and recent graduates to enter the Architecture industry.👍🤓👀

The interview will be live on Architect-US Instagram on Saturday, September 26th at 12 PM EST!!!😎We’ll be also streaming live from all our channels: Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram

Our CEO Patricia Garcia will introduce you to Guillermo Del Rio and gain insight around his experience going from recent graduate at ETSAM to creating his own brand in the Los Angeles scene. He joined Corgan Architects as an Intern through the Job+J1 Visa Program. 🙌

Then the pandemic hit, and Del Rio had to find a new job in 30 days or less!!👀👀

That is right! You heard us correctly! In 30 days he found a job before his J1 Visa expired!!! WOW Guille, you really killed it!!! 👌🏽👏🏽🔝



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