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Working from home 1.0

After this time, you learn how to appreciate the little things of your life

It’s been almost three months since we started working from home. Sometimes feels so much longer, but at the same time the days go by very fast and they all blend together.

It seems like the world is getting ready to start reopening and return to the new normal we will have to live. On one hand, it’s very exciting to go back to “normal”, be able to go out for dinner and hang out with your friends again. I am very ready to go back to the office, I really miss my daily routine, even though I was often complaining about my long commute and lack of time at home. But after this time, I feel like I can appreciate more all those simple pleasures of just having the freedom of being yourself without any kind of public health concern.

I miss that time I had on the bus every morning to catch up on my messages with family and friends from Spain. The lake and skyline view from the bus every morning. My boss’s answer every morning after you ask him “how are you? I’m doing well”, every morning same answer. I miss the weekly team meetings where we will gossip about projects and random clients, it was a great way to start the day, and miss the person who used to lead us, who unfortunately, is not working with us anymore . I miss lunch time where we will all sit together and share some experiences, or go out to pick up some Banh Mi’s (delicious Vietnamese sandwiches on a French baguette) at Little Saigon Deli. I miss having my experience coworkers close to ask in an easier way questions. Technology is great, but sometimes it’s hard to explain things thru a screen when you are working on drawings or 3D models.


Maria O'Connor Nebot

Trainee at JW ArchitectsSeattle (Washington)

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