Ready for New York City
Andrew Neel

Ready for New York City my personal experience.

A long time ago, while I was still a student, I’ve heard about J1visa and Architect-US. I was even subscribed for a newsletter but never took a chance to make the first move and maybe I was not ready for New York City
The things changed this summer as I was visiting New York when I got an opportunity to join a Manhattan-based architecture studio.
 I’ve always been curious about living in different countries and experiencing different cultures, so I decided to take my chances, I felt ready for New York City so I reached out to Architect-US to help me with my visa, and everything started happening very soon. Step by step, I was guided through the whole process and finally received my passport with visa stamped just a few days ago.
Actually, the hardest part of the process might be writing this blog post. I have just finished packing my bags and all the things that I am taking with me on this long, exciting and interesting journey.

Josipa Baricevic


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