Working in Venice Beach
Stuart Guest Smith

My First Month working in Venice Beach

I can’t believe August is finished working in Venice Beach! It’s been very intense but I feel I’m already adapted! I bought a bike and It´s perfect going from Santa Monica, where I live in Venice, where I work at Meis Architects. Time flies!

As my first month working in Venice Beach, U. S for the first time, I feel so happy. There are some differences as the Imperial Unit System and lunchtime but it’s been really fluent. I like the mood at my studio because is so friendly and also they have a sweet little white dog which I love already. They organize some office events for their employees like a lunch for new hires. I really appreciated on my first day because they took the time to get to know me better. It made me feel more relaxed as I was a bit nervous of course :)

There are Monday morning meetings where the whole office meets for a short meeting by phone with their office in NYC and people share important information and the program for the week within the teams for each project. I’ve worked already in about 5 different projects in a month and I loved it because it’s fun for me to have different goals in a short period of time. I feel there is a very good communication within the team via online and interpersonal and a very quick problem-solving.

I have had a Happy Hour which they made Every second Thursday of the month the office organizes a happy hour after work which is a great opportunity to hang out, talk and have some fun with colleagues. It´s very nice that they still treat you like a member of a family with the wishes of everyone in the office if it’s your birthday.

I feel really happy working in Venice Beach and I’m very proud of taking this opportunity of living my American dream with Architect-US!

Silvia Ruiz-Poveda


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