Upclose look of a fallen leaves in the backyard

Change Is Inevitable

They say that this is the most beautiful season out of four. And I couldn’t disagree with that. The leaves that were so green before are now turning into red, orange, brown and yellow. When I came in here it was Spring. Trees weren’t even alive yet and it looks like the area was an abandoned because everything was bare. Then slowly after almost 5 months they’re about to leave again and come back season after season.

I felt like a lot of things had happen for the past 5 months. Yet it was way too fast. I can’t believe that it has been months already! I can still vividly remember the day my family and friends dropped me off at the airport and bid our last goodbyes. Everything is passing by so fast. I miss home ad I want to be with my family but I also want to enjoy the moment while I am here because opportunities like this doesn’t happen usually. I want to enjoy this season and I want to seize the sunny temperatures at time because I know in a few weeks, the first snowfall of the season might happen already. I am excited about that because this is my first time to experience real snow! Everything is new to me when I came in here. And I can’t imagine myself having to witness all these beautiful changing of seasons. Like that, life has it’s own season and we cannot stop it from changing. We cannot compare our own season to anyone because our seasons have their own timelines and we cannot compete it with anybody. Our life may wither, fall off and bloom, but it is all in God’s perfect time. It may be different from the others but trust me, you will.

So, this autumn. Let us enjoy! Prepare ourselves for the next season but most importantly like the leaves, learn to let go. It is going to be hard but  it will make you feel free and light.


Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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