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Visit Tampa, a very special weekend

On this occasion, I planned a trip for the memorial day’s holiday and I drove one hour and a half to spend the weekend in a very nice city quite close to Orlando, I decided to visit Tampa.

The place that I liked the most of the entire city was the Tampa Riverwalk. This place is located downtown and is 2.6 miles long path that surrounds the river. It has a sequence of metal structures with canvas and lights with different colors, perfect to take a walk or ride a bike while enjoying the colorful sunset.

Tampa Riverwalk
Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk

This waterfront connects some of the downtown major attractions offering stunning views of the city including the University of Tampa,  a diversity of boats, the Convention Center and a couple of Museums like the Photography, the Glazer Children’s and the Tampa Museum of Art.

My favorite museum was the Tampa Museum of art, that exposes modern and contemporary art, as well as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities.  After a complete walk inside the museum, I could tell that  I got impressed with pieces of two particular artists: Jesus Rafael Soto and George Sosnak.

What I liked most of the first artist is that in some of his work he rendered spatial illusion and optical effects in 2D planes playing with cubes and structures; vapor and vibration; and Light and Transparency. This style is a combination of traditional painting and pedestal sculptures.

The second artist made something completely different. Sosnak had the passion for the game of baseball but did not have the athletic skills to become a player but he found the way to be involved with the game. He loved to paint so he developed a new art painting baseball balls, using those balls to tell stories about the game, players, championships and memorable events.

I had a good time on my trip to visit Tampa and it was an interesting way to spend my weekend.







Emiliano Hernández


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