recommendations for a Jazz night in New York
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Recommendations for a Jazz night in New York – Take I

I do not come to tell you the best places in New York to listen I come to give my recommendations for a jazz night in New York.

Jazz places in New York reflect the diversity of the city. Wherever you go, whether it is big or small, fancy or alternative… I can assure you: the swing is amazing! Here my recommendations for a Jazz night in New York.

Fat cat

It’s a diverse cultural and creative institution that features live music, games, art, and media. There you can play ping pong, snooker, have some drinks and listen to live jazz. All these things together make a perfect combination to hang out with friends. The place is really casual. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tie after work or if you are in jeans, you will be welcome!

Their musical offerings highlight emerging artists and legends of genres ranging from jazz to latin, classical and world music. Their jam sessions allow young musicians to earn their chops alongside veterans.


Is a jazz club from the late 40’s. It’s a club with a lot of history and is mentioned in several songs from famous musicians like Quincy Jones or Ray Charles . Space is really charmingly marked by the dark red velvet on stage. However, it became too famous and it lost some soul with tourism.


It’s a small place in a basement, outlined by brick walls. The intimate and cozy ambiance makes you travel to the spirit of a New Orleans jazz bar. You have great musicians and the public spans all ages and styles.

Dizzy’s coca-cola Jazz Club

This place is magic! The background of the stage is the skyline of New York with the lights hover around Central Park. They have the main concert with extremely good jazz bands. The great spirit of Swing it’s in the late session played by new bands and students. Here, the dance floor is mastered by guests and veterans all night long.


These are all my recommendations for a jazz night in New York, these places have great musicians, maybe the greatest in the world!

Enjoy your listening!


Margarida Cleto


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