Spring time in Covid times


It has been a two months since the quarantine started, I think that longer that what we all expected, but still it feels we have been in this situation for ages. Slowly I can feel people is less scare to go in public although always keeping the 6ft social distance required all using the adequate protection. Despite it has been such an experience seeing the busiest city in the word completely completely empty, an incident which I don’t think will occur ever again. Seeing more people on the street makes me feel happier and alive, In the beginning I was pleased to see the city quiet and clean but now after couple of months of lockdown I have to say that I really miss the noisy and crowded NYC life.

The only area where you can feel NYC truly vibes at this moment it is central park. I went last weekend for a walk and was amazing to see all people seating, talking, dancing, playing, practicing sports. I can say that since I arrived it was one of the busiest days I have ever seen the park where I could really feel again NYC was starting to go back to normalcy! It seams that until retails bars and restaurant and all the leisure space open to the public we all enjoy the city outside in parks. Which I think It can be amazing and also can bring new ways of socialization rather that was going to places to spend money. Is this cover situation going to bring as changes in our lifestyles? we don’t know yet, it is too soon to say anything but maybe in five or six months, we could. I think it is going to be a super interesting topic to discuss. To see if this pandemic has brought any positive aspect to the world! So lets finish this post saying… to be continued!

Stay safe!

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