Trip to San Francisco, Napa Valley
Sebastien Gabriel

Trip to San Francisco, travelling around USA

A quick trip to San Francisco is all you need to relax. After working at the office the entire day I took an evening flight to San Francisco.

I saw the beautiful sunset of San Francisco from the airport and then begun my three-day tour.

The next morning:

I visited the UC Davis Campus which was as beautiful as it could be. I spent gladly my day at the campus and then left for Sacramento to see the mini Golden Gate Bridge along the river that divided the mid-town and the downtown area of Sacramento which has various art installations along the coast and I even visited the old town of Sacramento which was displaying the late 60s style of architecture. I finished my day by the riverside watching the sunset.

Day 2:

I travelled from north to south in one day. I started my day by going to Napa Valley which had beautiful wine yards and I even visited the Castello di Amorosa which houses different wine yards. The town was also dressed up into the theme of wine yards. Spending half a day in the Napa Valley I headed south to the beaches of Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has various rides along the beach and who doesn’t enjoy the adventure along the beach? I hopped onto each and every possible ride that I could take and somehow the waves of the ocean where making those rides more enjoyable.
After taking all the rides I walked along the beach to enjoy the calming sunset.
Sunsets were the most beautiful part of my trip to San Francisco.

Day 3:

Golden Gate Bridge
Julian Klumpers

I started the third day of my trip to San Francisco biking the Golden Gate Bridge. The first thing I did in the morning was to rent a bike. I started biking along the ocean. I was a cloudy day with some drizzling. While biking from Pier 39 towards the Golden Gate Bridge I made a small stop at the museum of arts and admired its beauty in the clouds. Because of the weather, the Golden Gate Bridge was covered in clouds. After my small stop, I continued my biking route towards Golden Gate Bridge. It was covered in clouds and I started biking on to the bridge. From the bridge, I could see the beautiful skyline of the city along with the ocean. The entire journey on the bridge was as beautiful as it could be. I biked to the city of Sausalito from where I took the ferry back to the place where I started biking from. As I was riding back the ferry the weather had cleared up and I could see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. After the biking tour, I visited the Contemporary Jewish Museum which was a maze in itself. A beautiful piece of architecture writes in the middle of the city which was amazing to look at. As my day ended it was time to get back to the airport and take along beautiful memories of my trip to San Francisco.

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