Californian Dream
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Californian Dream with Architect-US

Hello everyone! My name is Silvia! I would like to share the story of my American dream more exactly my Californian Dream coming true and my experience with Architect-US to get the J1 Visa.

After completing my studies of Architecture in Madrid at ETSAM and Seoul at SNU, I decided to pursue my professional career abroad.

I have been in the United States before and to have a professional experience in Architecture in America has always been on my mind but mostly while I  was developing my Master´s Project in Huntington Beach in California. So as soon as I felt prepared to start to look for a job opportunity two months ago, I just got my dream job in Venice Beach. I´ve always imagined me going to surf after work so I´m really happy to start to work next week and start living my Californian dream . To live close to the Ocean is the most important thing to me, it gives me so many ideas and I feel a special connection with the energy of the Ocean, it just makes me happy.

In my case, the process of getting a job took a few days, as I got some interviews in a week, I traveled to LA and I got the job offer.  As soon as I called Architect US for information about how to get the J1 visa the process, it took about 4 weeks. I´ve been nervous all the process but finally, I can relax and start to work next week! Can´t wait to share my histories from Los Angeles!

Thank you very much to a great professional guidance and help of Patricia Parra and the team of Architect-US through the whole process and I would definitely recommend Architect-US to everyone who is interested in this U.S. experience.

Silvia Ruiz-Poveda


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