When I was 4 years old, my mom asked me what kind of sport I wanted to start. I answered “ice-skating”.

Well, I’m from the south of Italy, really far away from ice so that idea stayied just like a dream and a funniest thing to say so I started swimming because my mom already inscribed me in the swimming pool of my hometown before asking me my preferences.

When I arrived in NY, one of the first things that I wanted to see was the famous ice rink in Central Park, I’ve been always feel attracted so I couldn’t wait to wear skates and make that experience real. Obviously, during holidays and weekends it’s always croweded so I said myself to wait a bit more for the perfect moment.

Then one of my new best friend in New York told me to watch the Serendipity movie before to go to that ice rink and I did it. This romantic movie, set in New York, has its happy ending on that ice rink while it’s starting snowing and everything seems so perfect like just in the movies (of course!). But in the real life, I could say that is magic too!

So, with the same friend we decided to buy our own skates and the same day we went to ice skatting in Central Park where the atmosphere was so intense that I was feeling so glad to be surrounded by a crazy nature with far sounds of the city and illuminated skryscrapers on the background. So now, no more excuses, I can ice-skate whenever I want and finally for me New York is full of ice rinks!

But who knows, next time I’ll may wait for my glove falling from the sky from my love like in the movie! 馃槈

Vita Giacovelli

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