2 months in LA

Hi Architect US readers,

I can’t believe 2 months have passed since I moved to LA. I want to thank Architect-US for helping me to make this true, without their help and support I would not be able to complete it.

I arrived on Februrary 14th and now after 2 months I can easily say, it exceed my expectations 100%. LA is young and lively. The city is open to endless possibilities and has a place for everyone, also if you are a sun lovers like me this is your city the temperature here is for far the best one, it is not cold and almost never rains.

My apartment is located in Sawtelle, near Santa Monica city not too far from Santa Monica Pier. The neighborhood is very silent even-though is full of  shops, cafes and restaurants. What I noticed is that the city looks made to be seen by driving a car as most of the distances are not walking distance. Also, is one of the cities that is Pet friendly in a way I’ve never seen before, people are used to take their pets to every place they go even to their offices.

I’m not gonna lie but my firsts weeks here were so intense but great at the same time, I met so many interesting people which make me rethink so many things, learn new cultures, new ways of doing things and also change my mind of different judgments I had.

I have been so well received by my working colleagues, I have to say that I was in doubt about how well I would be able to communicate mostly technical stuff, however my office teammates are part from Europe that means that they have been in the same situation as me, so most of the time they make me feel comfortable.


Once a week I go to the beach and watch the sunset, not only it helps me to stop being in a rush for a while also it makes me think and be thankful for what I am living at the moment because sometimes you don’t realize but you can get used to it and forget the value of such things.

Through the days, you are going to learn more than you expected. Above all you are going to learn about yourself.

Photo by Wil Stewart


Lucia Dominguez


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