architect working in Venice Beach

Architect Working in Venice Beach

I am an architect working in Venice Beach and living in Santa Monica, such a dream! I just take a «Bird», one of that electric scooter which every morning are at the main door of my building, stop for a take away regular coffee which already has ready without saying a word, because they already know me and go to work! I just love it how simple things make me so happy.

I love that at lunchtime between 12.30-13.30 I can hang to the Venice Beach and eat in a bikini at the beach or go to see the skaters at the Skatepark.

Definitively I need to get one skate and learn too! I love how everybody is so relaxed in Venice compared to other places I’ve been, people here are just cool! I also love to go to see all the shops and fancy cool restaurants Abbot Kinney has.

Also organic markets as Erewon where I love to take a Juice and some delicious salads they have to take away for lunch at the beach! It’s my favorite moment of the day! Makes it easy to work as many hours as I can because I feel so motivated and happy with all these little cool things 🙂

I’m also surviving without a car in LA, I just rented one for a week to go to Malibu, Manhattan Beach, the Eames House and to know more LA structure, but it’s so expensive to rent one! I wish to save some money and buy one in some months because I’d love to just feel free on weekends and go to discover more places! But well, for now, I’m great with my little new routines being an architect working in Venice Beach 🙂

Silvia Ruiz-Poveda


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