We all have this image in our mind: eating a huge double burger in the U.S. Well, it is
something you will definitely do more than once, trust me…

But before your conscious catches up to you, we’ll give you the solution. In order to not look like a huggable life-sized teddy bear on Christmas Eve, while you live in the States you have to take some action. And because we love you and want to take care of you and your health, we have selected the best affordable gyms to start you up on your new routine:

Blink Fitness: They have the best offers, you can join from $1!

SLT NY: Strengthen, lengthen and tone, this new trend works out the whole body.

BFX Studio: With 102 locations, you probably have one around the corner, so look around.

Peloton Cycle Studio: Latest tech bikes, a live DJ and all levels to choose from.


Fortunately for you, NY also has a lot of parks you can go running, roller skating or cycling in, and it’s also a nice way to explore the city and work off those hours of sitting in the office chair all day.

At Architect-Us we have a community of young people living in the New York area – we organize some annual gatherings but most importantly – we put you in contact with each other so you can meet up if you want to and discuss the important things in life: where the cheap drinks are, where the biggest burgers are and which gym to go to the morning after that night out…

If you dare to join their adventure, register for the Job+J1 Visa Program and make your yummy American Dream a healthy reality!




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