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Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, is one of the best places for young people to show our creativity in New York City. It’s full of cultural and artistic spaces and events. One of them I’ve recently discovered is a drawing party called Drink N’ Draw, at the multipurpose room Bat Haus.


Every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 10.30pm, this space is transformed into a life drawing room full of young vibrant people. There is a nude professional model in the middle of the room and people seat around him/her in chairs or wherever they want (tables, stairs, the floor, etc.) to get the desired view of the model. The entrance is $10 and you can enjoy some beers as you draw. If you don’t have art materials they can supply you with them.

Drink N’ Draw is a cultural party and it’s very interesting to see each other drawings and comment them. There are some people who are really good there, real artists. But no matter what is your level because everybody is welcome and the purpose of it is just to have fun.

This event reminded me when I was studying at Madrid School of Architecture. I attended several life drawing lessons in my school but some of the students that were there just wanted to get easy credits. However, in this party everybody was there because they love what they do.

I truly recommend to do this if you woud like to get a break of the intense work rhythm in this incredibe city!

Miguel de Ossa

Trainee at Cetra RuddyNew York

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