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On time conversion

Day lengths is almost the same for NYC and Madrid as both cities are in very similar latitudes.

 By the time this post is been written (middle November) day length is almost 10 hours for both cities, see comparison diagram. Of course daylenght changes along the year, but at the same pace for both cities.

You have to notice that midday, noon, meridian… you name it, is theoretically at 12:00pm everywhere, yeah right?

The short answer is NO

As you can see on the diagram midday is at 11:41 pm for NYC and 1:00 pm for Madrid, that means almost 1 hour and a half difference

So if you have a 9 to 6 job in NYC that corresponds to 10:30 to 7:30 job in Madrid!

Now you understand why normal lunch time is at 12-1 pm in NYC and 2-3pm in Madrid, although they are in the same latitude or why people in Spain like to do thing so ‘late’. Actually, , according to sunlight, Spaniards are ones waking up earlier!

Time for fun, quick quiz:

So now look at the diagram and imagine 2 individuals waking up at 8:30 am, in NYC and Madrid (the diagram corresponds to the same day). Even though both will enjoy 10 hours of sunlight , the one in Madrid will be waking still at night whereas the guy in NYC is waking up with the rays of sunlight going gently through his window. Who woke up earlier?

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