Paulo Silva

My 1st week as a trainee at JPDA

I started working at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, in Brooklyn, on February 19th, 2019. I arrived at the studio and one of the studio’s project manager Marijke was waiting for me. At first, she showed me our working area and we talked a bit about the firm’s approach and methodology. Once my employer, Jordan, arrived we had a staff meeting where he introduced me to the company philosophy, the current projects, and the studio’s aesthetics.

My first task at JPDA was to pick up redline corrections of the construction drawings for the Manhattan Criminal Court’s public restrooms project. The objective of this project involves the renovation/alteration and accessibility upgrade of the restrooms on the 16 floors of the building. When I started at JPDA, they were on the final step of the project which is the definition of the layouts for the restrooms. My task was to update the elevations and the reflected ceiling plans.

 The next day, we had our first marketing meeting with staff only to talk about social media content, website updates, conferences, and market research. This happens once in a week, usually on Wednesday and until each meeting we have to think about a subject that would be interesting to post on social media. We also have to make some market research before, which consists of contacting sustainability firms to explore the possibility of future collaborations.

 At the end of the first week, I finished my tasks and started a new one: updating the 3d models of the Manhattan Criminal Court’s restrooms.

Since then, I have made a lot of different things. I had to make 3d models from scratch, renderings and graphic design. I had to contact metal sheet fabricators and make material boards to be delivered at DDC.

This is my 4th week at JPDA, and I’m already starting a new project, the restoration of a small community center at Long Island. It is an RFP project, and we are still in the schematic design stage. I feel that I’ve learned a lot these past 4 weeks. Although it’s definitely not easy adapting to a new office in a foreign country, I think my aim of learning different concepts and improving myself will be fulfilled at the end of this experience.


Sofia Melo

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