Halloween in New york, Thank you Architect-US

As we all well know in New York there is always something going on and Halloween was not an exception. 

 While living in the city I am always trying to learn from New Yorkers and their culture so for the first time in my life I decided to celebrate Halloween. I was involved on the thrilling activity of trying to find the perfect costume, between several tempting outfits. Finally, I bought  the most affordable and simple one, letting creativity and a lot of imagination find its way out.

I had always wanted to be part of this event that turns out to be a social activity for all ages so, after work, I decided to join the New York parade. It was taking place one block away from the office where I am doing my internship and, as soon as I opened the door to the street I was surrounded by people dressed up in such scary outfits that made me realize that imagination was not enough when it comes to costumes. Therefore, I made up my mind and joined one of my friends on a visit to a neighborhood in Brooklyn. To my surprise this place was all I was expecting for my Halloween celebration. I was able to see buildings completly decorated, as taken out from a horror movie. There were public performances to entertain the curious audience and excited kids playing on the street and asking for candy.

It was a beautiful experience and completly new for me, a different way to continue learning from cultural activitieshalloween 2s.


Stefania Sconfienza


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