Companies do care employees; free flu shots!

American companies offer lots of benefits to their employees.

The most importants are the medical ones. So, if you want, a part of your monthly salary goes to their benefit program, agreed with insurance companies. For example, last friday, some doctors and nurses came to ur office in order to get us a free flu shot if we wanted. In big companies is normal, because if a contagious disease gets inside the employees, projects cannot continue with their process, deadlines…

So I got the flu shot. Some people say it is better not to do it, because you get sick for three days (not very sick), but then you can deal winter better. And in this city, where most people take the subway to move from home to work, it is very easy to get very sick. 

Apart from this experience, the benefits that they offer you are awesome. Cause here, if something happens to you, and you don’t have a medical insurance, you will have to pay a lot of money for almost everything. 

So, if you are not assured, I recomend you to take the benefit package.



Rodrigo Castroviejo


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