Construction Site Visit

My first visit to the construction site! It was last week and it was really helpful. Some of us went with the project architect to visit a project of townhouses we are designing in West Village.

WorkshopApd is formed for a team of architects and interior designers, so we design everything in that project. They are luxury houses and the furniture were really really amazing. Although the Architecture taught in the Schools have a wide vision, I didn’t know so much about interior design, furniture, designers… and I am learning so much thanks to we worked all together.

We visited three townhouses in a different level of construction. The first one we visited was almost finished, with all the furniture and details. It can help so much too visiting one finished because we can also learn about the mistakes and how to avoid them. There are always little things that in the office you can miss if you don’t visit the construction site. Ths room I like most was the cellar; it was the cinema room – play room, with a funny wallpaper you can see in the photo. 

After that, we visited the second one which was under construction and we can see how our custom furniture and lighting were installed. It was amazing. I hope to go again early! 

Belén Dominguez


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