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The future of Home Office

With Covid 19 still in full force and the uncertainty about the rest of the year, big companies like Facebook and Google have told their employees to work from home until the summer of 2021.

This has made me wonder how people work from home and what their work environments look like. I know for me and my boyfriend in a small studio apartment it looks like partly working from the couch and partly from the kitchen table. We somehow got used to video meetings where you try hiding the messy background of your living room with funny virtual backgrounds. Sounds familiar? Most people I talk to have similar issues and problems with their home offices.

I read in a study that before Covid around 10% of Employees worked from home occasionally. Now roughly 40% work permanently from home. 70% of workers reported that they are happy working from home and want it to stay that way at least a few times a week after Covid 19. Study also shows that productivity goes up by 35% when working from home.

These numbers show that a large number of people’s work is and will be done from home. Companies spent fortunes on well-designed office space interiors which are now empty. How can employees hold to those standards and also still represent their companies brand?

I, being an Interior Architect think that there is a big market for home office design now and that Employers should think about restructuring and investing in their employee’s home workspace rather than on large office spaces.

Designers like myself could optimize home workspaces by making them more practical and esthetic and integrating them into people’s homes. Enabling people to feel most creative and productive and also representing their brand.

Miriam Mouchtar


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