It has been almost an year and Soon I am gong to finish my internship in New York . I still cant believe it!

I am soon going back to my country and I wanted to share a little bit about my personal experience. As I already wrote on previous posts I used to believe that coming from Argentina to the US was something hard to reach. There are so many possible Visas to apply for, without even knowing where to start from. I was completely confused until I found out about the program and applied. From that moment on, even though I was SO afraid and overwhelmed by the idea, I Felt everything was going to be easy, and so it was. I started to enjoy the experience since that moment when I was told I was chosen to work in US!!. I arrived one week before my contract started so I was able to discover the city and be a full time tourist. Finally on December 1st I became an Intern at JMAPC Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier. I had the chance to work in a company with amazing coworkers, people who always supported me in all possible ways. I felt comfortable and happy to be able to go to the office, sit at my desk and work, it could not be better, more than what I expected.  

However, I always thought that moving to the city was not only about working abroad but also getting to know people who share the love and interest for Architecture and from whom I could always learn. Some months after my arrival a first Architect US meeting was organized by Patricia who was visiting New York. Thanks to her I met two of my lovely friends from Spain with whom I shared life here. We were part of cultural activities every weekend and we had been traveling around the city, crossing to different states and even other countries!.

This was the perfect experience, complete and intense, what I always dreamt about doing. I believe that as Architects we never stop learning, our profession is a passion that only gets stronger with time  and basically that was my aim when I decided to apply to the program. I am happy about my decision to be part of it and thankful to everyone that was part of my moments in New York.

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Stefania Sconfienza


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