J1 Visa architect working

J1 Visa architect working in Jorge Mastropietro Architect Atelier PLLC

I came to New York on December and I was so excited about this new experience as an intern in Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier


I am a J1 Visa architect working in Jorge Mastropietro Architect Atelier PLLC. My first day at the office was amazing and challenging. I was feeling nervous to get to know the people I was going to work with and was completely unaware of what my experience would be like.

I took the train for the first time from Midtown to Soho, hoping I would not get lost or delayed. I asked several people how to get to my destination and felt so surprised for their reaction, everyone was helpful and nice to me.

Once I got to the office I found my cultural challenge as a J1 Visa architect working in the USA. In my country, we are used to an informal way of addressing people, and I found myself at home when they reacted to my ways with such a friendly attitude. They showed me the office and my working place, offering to help me any time. It was easy to feel comfortable in this new environment.

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The second challenge was evident at the moment of starting my new tasks. I had to start working with new technologies and imperial units; everything felt new and impossible to understand, but once more I got their help to solve any inconvenience.

It has been 4 months since I am working in New York and I cannot feel more happy and thankful for what I am living, getting to know amazing people who are always there to help and share their knowledge with me. It is more than what I expected and I hope to keep on learning.


Stefania Sconfienza


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