After getting my degree in Architecture in my country, Argentina, I heard about the program provided by Architect US to work in New York and decided to apply.

I came to New York on December 2015 as an intern in Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier; hoping that it would be a good experience to improve my english, gain more knowledge and also meet people with a different culture. So far it has been an amazing experience, better than what I expected!. 

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Since the first moment I received the guidance from Architect-US, who were always helpful and understanding, as well as the support from the people I am working with. I was surprised to know how friendly people in New York can be, willing to take their time to assist me with any doubt I may have.

I highly recommend being part of this Internship Program. I have the chance to learn everyday something new, improve my architectural skills, face challenges and visit incredible places in this beautiful city.

Stefania Sconfienza


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