Marin Architects’ Selected Projects

History of Marin Architects

Marin Architects is an architectural firm founded by Walter Marin. Walter Marin, a Senior Principal at the firm, completed his BS/BA in Architecture in 1982 and gained experience working with well-known architectural design firms, including the Howard Golden firm. In 1985, he established Marin Associates, which later evolved into Marin Architects. Their work focuses on luxury real estate, and they have a strong roster of repeat clientele. The firm’s design philosophy centers around people, emphasizing the human experience in great architecture. Understanding is the foundation of simplicity. Through the integration of technical and architectural design knowledge with the ability to comply with local regulations, they are able to simplify intricate ideas into clever, creative solutions.

Marin Architects prioritize connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Their designs incorporate large windows, terraces, and courtyards to seamlessly integrate with natural surroundings. They create fluid spatial layouts that enhance circulation and functionality. Open floor plans, thoughtful room placement, and harmonious transitions contribute to a sense of flow. The firm carefully selects materials, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and durability. Expect to see natural stone, wood, and other high-end finishes. Marin Architects pay meticulous attention to details, from custom cabinetry to unique lighting fixtures. These details elevate the overall design.

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Company Culture at Marin Architects

Marin Architects fosters a collaborative and innovative work culture. The team values open communication and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Architects, designers, and engineers work together to create holistic solutions. They embrace design thinking methodologies, emphasizing empathy, user-centered design, and iterative problem-solving. Marin Architects encourages flexibility in work arrangements, recognizing that creativity thrives in diverse environments.

We are a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) committed to the diversity of our staff, consultants and partnerships – and the valuable global perspectives and reach they afford.

Marin Architects invests in continuous learning. Staff members attend workshops, conferences, and engage in skill-building activities.

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Architect-US is proud to work in close contact with Marin Architects and to be able to ensure the firm gets to know and work with amazing young architects like Juan David Fawcett, whom we helped process his Visa and get a position at Marin Architects through our Job+J1 Visa Program!

Juan David Fawcett

Juan is a Colombian architect who graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Faculty of of Architecture and Design with a Bachelor’s in Architecture. In 2016 he won 1st place in the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT «Alborouj Cultural Hub» competition in Cairo, Egypt. Juan also won the 3rd place in the competition «Parco Centrale di Prato», held in Parto, Italy. Amongst these, and other achievement, Fawcett was published in the Archdaily magazine as the Best Student Design-Build in Projects Worldwide 2016 for his «Erizo PEI Pavilion».

Marin Architects Selected Projects


Mandarin Oriental Residences, Fifth Avenue is a restoration and vertical extension of an existing 20-story structure. The office building made of steel and concrete was built in 1926, and an expansion was made in 2000. In the new renovation and enlargement, eight more stories will be added, along with a mechanical penthouse, and the existing fifteen floors will be converted to residential usage. In addition to 69 opulent apartments, the new residences feature a roof deck, pool, residents’ club, spa, and gym. Currently utilized as retail floors, the lower five levels will stay open throughout construction.

Photos by Marin Architects


In the center of Midtown, Trademark is a dual hospitality concept that combines New American food, craft drinks, coffee, and freshly baked pastries. It is attached to the stunning Hotel Le Soleil. The venue features Trademark Grind, a boutique coffee shop in front, which leads via a hallway to Trademark Taste, a bar and restaurant in rear.

Marin created a thorough set of construction documents to reorganize this 2,300 square foot, two-story building. The restaurant was designed and developed in accordance with the owner’s specifications. The architect of record was in charge of the interior design and all compliance with the commercial kitchen code, while the kitchen consultant supplied the kitchen specifications.

Marin offered technical, architectural, and municipal documentation services. The closing out build-out, sprinkler, and fire alarm modifications, as well as a Public Assembly certification, required municipal permissions. After the restaurant was built, Marin also created and constructed a brand-new 75 square foot restaurant entryway. Among the services offered were architectural construction documents to be utilized in obtaining approvals from the Department of Buildings.

Photos by Marin Architects


For Emaar Properties’ «Iconic Mosque» competition, Marin Architects reinvented the classic mosque design. The proposed mosque is located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, Dubai’s new emblem, which also houses a new waterfront destination development and the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

The design, which adopts the conventional dome and minaret, aims to mimic the shape and creation of sand dunes, which are characteristic of the area, through its gradual layering and height changes. Sand is blown loose by the wind and accumulates to produce dunes that vary in size and shape, including the uncommon dome dune.

The approach to the site and its entry are intended to feel like an extension of the surroundings, with the structure rising from the ground. Rather than competing with the adjacent Dubai Creek Tower, it was intended to seem harmonious and complementing to it. Instead of forming a barrier, exterior walkways are used to allow visitors to freely traverse between the tower and the wildlife refuge.

Skylights are included into the building’s architecture to provide ample indirect natural lighting. Worshippers will feel as though they are in a heavenly place because of the natural stone façade made of marble, which will also let light into the room. Overall, the structure is similar to the Dubai Creek Tower; however, the inner prayer space faces Mecca and is square-shaped to resemble the Holy Ka’bah.

Photos by Marin Architects

We will be posting more projects by Marin Architects in the upcoming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Marin Architects

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