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The 4 best online resources to use when looking for a new candidate

Architecture is not like any other industry. The process of finding talent that can contribute to your team is a difficult and sometimes tedious process. You should always put in the time and effort to find the perfect fit for your team. Sometimes the tools you are working with do not suffice. Here at Architect-US we have created a great list of software you can use to reach out to the highly-skilled talent you are looking to woo.

1. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is trusted amongst many creative communities around the world. It is a database with millions of portfolios and projects by professionals from the creative arts. It provides you with the ability to look over the work of creatives that might fit a specific role you are looking for. We all know how roles within architecture firms can change quickly requiring talents to wear many different hats at once.

It also allows you to communicate with the talent in a laid-back and open format that is less professional.

 2. Behance

Behance’s huge network of creatives is a great place to start when considering designers and architects. As you browse a huge network of professionals and their portfolios, you can also make your search more fine tuned to what you are looking for. So categories such as schools, software expertise, previous experience (kind of firm), and more.

You can post job offers and include requests for specific work in a specific software language from a possible candidate. The variety in expertises allows for you to use Behance in most of your creative roles searches.

3. Hired

Hired provides a platform where employers and talents currently looking for work. This application is for hires that want to start as soon as possible. So please consider using this application when you are ready to on-board. Hired tends to be a source for you to find engineers and graphic designers. They do not have a section for architects. As an employer you have the option to create your own company profile and interact directly with possible candidates. According to Hired the candidates will respond to 95% of requests from companies reaching out.

Hired is a social media platform mixed with an employment platform that seeks to connect employers and workers in a fast moving on-boarding process.

4. People Search

The last tool we want to leave you with is a tool that can be used when you are trying to find a specific profile, but do not know where to start. For example, you are given a referral, which is one of the most common ways of networking with possible talents, and you do not know how to find this person. People Search from Workable is a Chrome extension that can help you in that kind of situation. It is a free sourcing tool that provides you with people’s resumes and contact information according to their online presence.

It is always important to be proactive with your job search, so make sure you take some of these tools and apply them when the time comes!



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